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  • Hogs: 1 day $600/ 2 day $800
  • Blacktail Deer; 5 day $4,000
  • Bear: (3 days) $2,800
  • Turkey: 1 day $600
  • Quail: 1 day $150 / 2 day $275
  • Dove: 1 day $150 / 2 day $275
  • Fishing: 1 day $75 / 2 day $125
  • Varmint: 1 day $200 /2 day$350
  • Photo Excursions: 1/2 day $150
    1 day $200 / 2 day $350
  • Shooting Clays: $35 for 100 per person

Lodging and meals are included with most packages. Booking the lodge separate from a package is $65 per person, per day. Meals, separate from a package, are $65 per person, per day. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. We require groups of no less than two people to reserve the lodge
We do it all Wild Boar Hunts, Deer ,Bear, Turkey, Dove, Fishing & more! Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Then book your trip today! Rocky Ridge is a beautiful place that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Our trips are perfect if you enjoy the great outdoors. We offer extreme hunts, or just a sunny day taking photos of wildlife, or enjoying the ride in our six-person ranger. The experience being out in the open on our ranch is something you won’t soon forget. Our family has been here for six generations, and we know the ranch. We’d sure love to show it to ya!

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