Lodgeing & meals are included with most packages Booking the lodge separate from a package $65 per person per day Meals separate from a package are $65 per person per day includes breakfast,lunch and dinner We require groups of no less than 2 people to reserve the lodge

Rockyridge is so much more than just a hunting club. Rockyridge provides a quiet get away from the everyday hurry-scurry. If you want to just relax and just be waited on. Or if your looking for that extreme hunt, maybe you just want to shoot some clay's. Whatever it is here at Rockyridge we give 150% to make your dream trip come true!

ROCKYRIDGE..."Moto If your not happy were not happy"!
ROCKYRIDGE takes it's share of trophy animals each year, we do not make any guarantees on game. Our hunting methods are "fair chase" using spot and stalk methods. Our goal is to provide the most challenging and gratifing experience. With our natural habitat and excellent game management practices it enables us to offer a hunt unsurpassed.