Rockyridge is a beautiful place that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you enjoy the great outdoors! We offer extreme hunts or just a nice sunny day taking pic's of wild life or enjoying the ride in our six person ranger. Our family has been here for six generations,and we know the ranch,love to show it to ya!

Our Philosophy
Hunting Philosophy-hog hunting is open year round in california. Game regulations do state that hunters can take wild hogs without regard to age or sex, However,It just makes sense to avoid shooting lactating sows.

The Kill zone
Making your shot count is equally important to us at Rockyridge. The huntermakes or breaks any caliber or weapon!!! A well placed shot from a .243 will drop a hog in his tracks.Or, the worst shot from a 375 H&H will not stop'em. The best shot is behind the ear an area about the size of a small paper plate also a low chest shot as a hogs heart lays right at his brisket,also an area about the size of a small paper plate. It's our opinion you need to be ready for the monster hog of a life time,all of the time.One would hate to cripple a trophy only to lose him!